Breakfast and Brunch

Creamy Tropical Fruit Thickshake - raw vegan, dairy free, Paleo
Complete Meal Muesli - raw vegan and Paleo
My Little Beauties - Cocosupps2- raw vegan and Paleo
Banana Chia and Oat Balls - Nut free and dried fruit free

Banana Chia and Oat Balls - nut free, vegan
Chewy Banana and Goji Protein Balls - nut free and dried fruit free
Chocolate Shortbread Cookies - Cream filled or as is
Anzac Biscuits - 2 ways, both Paleo, Gluten free and Vegan
Fig and Walnut Biscotti - Paleo, Gluten free
Cakes, Muffins and Slices 
Fruit and Nut Slice - Paleo with a vegan option
Banana Caramel Fudge Tart - dairy free and uncooked
Epic Chocolate Caramel Layer Cake - Paleo and dairy free
Blueberry Coconut Slice - vegan and gluten free
Chocolate Hazelnut Brownies - Paleo and dairy free
Chocolate Chai Panforte - Paleo and dairy free
Luving Life Bread - Paleo and Vegan
Cinnamon Donut Muffins - Paleo and dairy free
Banana, Date, Pear and Nut Cake - Paleo, Gluten free

Salmon Patties - Gluten free
Rice Pizza Crust - Gluten free
Tuna and Rice Balls - Grain free and Vegan options

Cashew Cream Cheese - raw vegan
Beetroot Pate/Dip - raw vegan
Savory Cream Cheese - raw vegan
Tomato Sauce - sugar free
Breads and Savoury Baking

Luving Life Bread - Paleo and Vegan
Savoury Almond Waffles - Paleo and dairy free
Raw Cakes, Tarts, Blissballs etc - all raw vegan 

Chewy Banana and Goji Protein Balls - nut free and dried fruit free
Fruit Mince Tarts - nut free option
Raw Savory- all raw vegan  


Ice Cream

Homemade Ice Cream - chocolate and vanilla



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